megaphone300-300x300As a marketer I like to find ways that my clients can promote their businesses successfully and attract more customers and more profits. One of the most common questions I get is where do I start? What should I do first? Many business owners and professionals know that they need to be visible online these days but with limited time they are left puzzled and often anxious about where to spend their time most effectively.

In addition with so many different ways to promote your message online many people become unable to make a decision at all about where to spend their time and money. They end up not doing anything. Not the best way to build a thriving business or share your idea with others.

As a result over the upcoming weeks I’m going to be looking at how to get found online. How to promote your business on the internet and get noticed in today’s noisy world.  We are going to ‘build a platform’, what we English call a ‘soap box’. In other words increase our visibility online. We’ll be doing this by setting up a system through which valuable information is created and shared through a network of online properties and third party outlets. With the result of attracting more attention to our business and consequently finding new customers.

  • Step 1 is decision time – a number of decisions need to be made
  • Step 2 is setting up online properties. Our own real estate online that we control.
  • Step 3 is setting up a network of third party outlets.
  • Step 4 is creating valuable content that others want to share.
  • Step 5 is distributing the content to others
  • Step 6 is measuring the results and making changes to improve them.

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