Your website is the central hub of your business online and its critical to your success in internet marketing. Think of it as your little piece of property online. If you wanted to sell your house you would need as many people to see it as possible in order to get an offer and a sale. Its the same with your website. The more visitors you can encourage to come visit the more successful you’ll be at attracting leads and new customers from internet marketing.

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K.I.S.S. Marketing

How Social Media can help your local business

Social Media is important for any online marketing campaign today; it’s particularly effective in getting more people to visit your website. Create a social media profile on all of the main social media websites for starters (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+,   and anything else that may be relevant to your niche).

Social media can help promote your business by sending visitors to your website via links. On every social media profile, there is a place for your website’s URL, so be sure to utilize that space.

There’s only so much you can put on social media about your business, so people need to know where to go to find out more about you. If you’re doing a good job of posting and keeping your social media audience engaged, most of your followers will be intrigued to learn more – so make it easy for them.

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Customer Reviews and Reputation Management

Customer reviews are perfect for driving visitors to your website, particularly if you have captured a number of positive reviews. It’s no secret that more and more people are now heading to review websites such as Yelp , Google My Business and other local directories to find out what others have to say about businesses in their area. If the general consensus is that the company gets a “thumbs up,”  or 5* ratings people will usually click on through to their website to gather more information about them. So the more positive reviews you have online, the more people you will have interested in your business.

Increasingly businesses are becoming aware of their review status online and realizing the importance of encouraging  their customers to post good reviews. It is crucial that you are actively encouraging positive reviews from your satisfied customers. Take a look at the reviews your competitors are receiving? How do yours compare both in quantity and quality?

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Local Directory Listings

The days of the telephone directory are long gone. Have you seen the size of the yellow pages for example compared to what it looked like a few years ago? It has shrunk beyond all recognition. Where then are people looking for local products and services? More often than not today people go online – and many of them check the local directory listings that show up in the search results.

Local directories such as Google My Business, Yahoo Places, Bing Local,, and others play a major role in driving traffic to your website. Therefore, it is important that your company has claimed and completed your listing on as many directories as possible. If you go to Google for example and type in the type of service that you offer you’ll probably see a number of directories appear on the first couple of pages of Google. Go ahead and get your listing included. It’s usually free.  You can put any information you want on your listings, so at the very least, you should have a link to your website.However, the more information you can add to your listing the better: images, videos, contact details, services and products offered, opening hours and so on.

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Local Search Engine Optimization

You may be familiar with SEO; and it is one of the best ways to get local visitors (traffic) to your website. If you incorporate “on-site” and “off-site” optimization techniques, as well as choose and use keywords carefully, your website can gain high search engine rankings.

As a result, your site will get more search engine exposure when local consumers search for products and services related to your industry.

Full search engine optimization is a very detailed, extensive process that includes many different techniques to help websites show up higher in the search results for many different keyword terms and phrases.

However, implementing just a few local SEO strategies can work effectively in helping you get higher rankings.

How do the search engines work? Well, let’s assume that you are a dentist based in Birmingham. Someone in Birmingham is looking for a dentist, so they go to Google or another search engine and type in terms related to the specific dental services they’re looking for.

For instance:

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How to get visitors to your website

Having a website is the smallest piece of the jigsaw when it comes to being successful online. In fact; it is the smallest possible piece and truly is “just the beginning” of a profitable online marketing strategy.

You could have the best website in the world. However, if it is not getting enough visitors, it is not going to do much at all in terms of helping you generate new business.

As a local business owner, your goal is to get as many eyes on your website as possible. This is where your pertinent details are; the details that your target audience is looking for when they visit your website. This includes your phone number, address, other contact details, and specifics about your products and services.

While getting as many visitors as you possibly can to your website sounds like a great idea, here’s something many businesses misunderstand about this process: in order to be effective, it has to be the RIGHT visitors (known as traffic in internet marketing).  read more…


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